As Time Goes By...

Stopped In Our Tracks
It's mid-September and Fall is just around the corner.  The Pumpkin Spiced Everything is already showing up on every street corner and the recipes for its uses are being shared with the efficiency of a Civil Defense siren in the 60s.

Below the dam

What else is there to this whole Fall thing?  Well. around our house one would think perhaps Halloween.  Actually, this years Halloween costumes have been finished and hanging in the closet ready for use for over a month now! Of course, that leaves our favorite topic - Photos!

Last year, we took off for a 5 week and nearly 6000 mile road trip with 3 cats and our 30' 5th wheel. These are a few of the never before released images I took on the trip.  

What are you doing this Fall?  Do you have any favorite events coming up?  Perhaps a weekend Fall Festival, Oktoberfest, Renaissance Faire, or just a drive through the countryside?
Roosevelt's Home on Campobello Island
Wherever you go to just get away for a while and enjoy the colors, smells, and sounds of the season, take a camera along and take it out for a little walk!  These are all moments in life that you will never see again!  The colors and clouds will always be different.  The winds will shift and the water levels will change, giving the scenes completely different feels.  The sun will rise and set on a different world every day.  Save a few memories of what you saw and did!
Julie in Harpers Ferry - Oct 2013

Wherever you go and whatever you do, keep the glass clean and the shutters clicking.

Oh, and in case we're on the road somewhere shooting, Happy Halloween! 

[Upcoming Trip Teaser  ;)
Departing 5 Oct 2016]


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