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Photo adventures close to home

Looking for someplace new to go for new photo ops?  Of course you are!  As photographers, our yards, pets, family, and neighborhoods endure a relentless search for something new to shoot.  

Having been stopped by numerous neighbors and being questioned by many of our neighbors about why we're always in front of their house with our cameras to our eyes, my wife and I have now been accepted as not being peeping toms, but still look for something new that doesn't require deep pockets!

Try checking your local listings for special events that may offer far more than you would imagine.

Last weekend, we ventured about 2 hours away for the annual Renaissance Festival.  Between us, we managed a mere 1400 frames in just about 5 hours of walking through the event. 

Events like a Cosplay, war re-enactment, air show, or even something as simple as your local fair may be just the opportunity you need to find a new adventure that you had never considered.  After all, everyone that is in costume …