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Where did we go?

We travelled from Sunny Florida to London, Heathrow to begin our journey to photograph as much as we could in the18 days we had available. This is the resulting map showing the approximately 2000 miles that we travelled.

Imagine, having never driven a car from the right side for the first time.  Now imagine driving a 6-speed manual and shifting with your left hand, also for the first time.  Now imagine doing that after being up for almost 24 hours.  Add to the experience by realizing that the car rental is immediately going to dump you out onto M-25, the "Beltway" around London.  Now, just for a little added excitement, let's do this at rush hour on Friday Morning!

Welcome to the life of two landscape photographers that want to maximize their trip and get the biggest bang for their bucks!    After being up for 27 hours, we arrived at Dover, home of the famed White Cliffs and the UK home to the Chunnel.This is also the location where many brave (depending on your viewpoi…