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Photography Guru Millionaire?

What is a Guru? Fair question!  According to Google, gu·ru    ˈɡo͝oro͞o/ noun
(in Hinduism and Buddhism) a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation. synonyms: spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, mentor, spiritual leader, leader, master;  swami, maharishi "a Hindu guru and mystic" each of the ten first leaders of the Sikh religion. an influential teacher or popular expert.
synonyms:  expert, authority, pundit, leading light, master, specialist;                      informal whiz "a management guru"
Okay, so a photography guru must be a Master of Photography? That makes sense to me.  Apparently, it also makes sense on the website GuruShots.  Here's how they describe themselves -
GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos.  It’s fun, motivating and helps you improve
Started just over 4 years ago, they set out with the following Core Beliefs - ANYONE CAN TAKE GREAT PHOTOS
At GuruShots, we believe that i…

One House and Two Photography Gurus!

The last half of 2017 brought many challenges, but getting everything back on track for 2018 was the plan.  As many of you know, Julie Everhart, my wife, and I have been competing on Gurushots for almost 4 years,  We actually got involved with their third challenge, and each began building portfolios of highly competitive photos.

Beginning in December of 2016, Gurushots began holding exhibitions in various major cities around the world.  Both Julie and I were chosen to provide a photo in the first exhibition, and have both been seen in print and digitally in exhibitions all over the world.  At the time of this writing, we are both currently being shown in Belgrade, Serbia during a "Nightlife" exhibit.

Julie competed hard and fast, and worked her way up to the rank of Guru, the highest honor on the site, over 2 years ago.  Since joining, we have both won competitions, been published in numerous articles, and seen many exhibitions.

This past month has brought two of the final…