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The 2019 WPPI Photo Expo, Revisited...

The 2019 Wedding and Portrait Photographer Expo in Las Vegas is now behind us.  Two and a half days of non-stop opportunities to gain knowledge and networking with professionals and avid hobbyists is a description that could be given to summarize the event.

That would be an extremely short sighted statement that barely touches the surface of an event like this.  All of the major equipment manufacturers of cameras and lenses, as well as major vendors and accessories have large displays, live seminars, and plenty of equipment for you to hold, shoot, and experience unlike anywhere else you could imagine.
As if that is not enough, consider that you are given many opportunities to take photos of models that are there for your use.  Weddings, portraits, family portraits, wedding receptions, all set up with their own studios just for you!
And after three days of miles of aimless wandering, you might want to change shirts, they make sure you have something clean to wear by handing out at least…