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What is this Tiffen Pro 100 Filter System and why would I need it?

I have seen a new ad popping up on my screen recently for the Tiffen Pro 100 System, and after looking into it, thought that I should drop a couple of cents - more than a penny's worth of my thoughts.

Well, if you are relatively new into photography or never explored creative photography in the days of film, filters have been a key creative element in the artistic design and "flavoring" of your composition.  Although today, most people will simply use Photoshop or some other post processing software to create similar effects, filters are essential in film photography.

But what is the Tiffen System?  Well, I'm sorry to say that from my viewpoint it is a knockoff of the most popular filter system of days gone by.  Have you ever heard ofCokin Filters?  They are from France, and have been the creative photographers go-to magic for years (since 1978)!
Back in the late 70's, (yes, as in 1970's) I used Cokin filters on my old Minolta ST-101 to create some stunning p…

What happened to Bob?

Bob has been a very busy boy!  Unfortunately, this blog became a back-burner project for a couple of years.

Why?  Glad you asked!  Bob and his wife, Julie Everhart, have been working and growing their photography business.  In fact, part of the original hiatus from the blog was due to Julie having surgery to repair torn ligaments in her elbow.  Any idea how much your arm goes through lifting a 7-8 pound camera to the eye up to 500 times a day?

After her recovery (which went amazingly well!), they travelled for weeks at a time, took on new projects and techniques, and, of course, all the time Bob continued his work in the Telecommunications Business.  After all, nothing makes it easier to buy new equipment than to have some serious money coming in!

It seems as though all of these efforts are starting to align. Here's a little update on the particulars:

2015 brought a five week RV-enabled Photo-tour of the East coast of the United States, and even venturing into Canada.

Julie has be…