Binary Beauty

Through the history of photography, technology has always pushed the photographer.  The customer, the public, have always wanted more.  Today, we are always looking for better clarity, more digital resolution, faster shutters and less delay.  Will this ever end?

Monochrome Sailing - Click for high resolution
Most likely not, but that's okay.  As photographers, we always take whatever equipment we have and
try to provide the most beautiful image possible with it.  For many, that means more vivid colors and sharper edges.  In a previous post, I commented about rolling my own.  This comment, contrary to what a few have mentioned to me, was in reference to one of my favorite mode of photography - Black and White.

Backwater Boating - Click for high resolution
In my eyes, the contrast, shading, and shear beauty of well done B&W is every bit as beautiful as the cleanest and brightest color image.  Click on the captions to view my 500px high resolution images.

Whether you're shooting that new 36+Mp camera with the $5000 lens, or you've got that little point and shoot that you picked up for $20, don't overlook that option to shoot in black and white.  I won't bore you with the reason for the better image, just trust me on this one.  You won't be sorry.  

Majestic Oak -Click for high resolution image
And if the image isn't quite as bright or you don't think it has the depth that you see in these images, come back and read my next post.  I'll be discussing relatively inexpensive post processing software and how to get these results.

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