More than photography...

Many people think of photographers for weddings, special events, or even that "Required" family photo.  They think of that book that sits in the hallway closet or maybe even on the coffee table that showcases that special time.  They may even have a large framed print or canvas hanging on the wall over their sofa to honor that individual or group that holds such meaning in their heart.  Is that all there is to photography?

Of course not!  Sure, we all see those ads in magazines or online showing that perfect product placement to promote whatever.  We see billboards and newspapers daily - all filled with photos.  Surely that is what photographers do.

Sure, some - no, make that most - make their living providing the services mentioned above.  But there can be so much more to photography than that!  My wife, Julie Everhart, and I believe that these are all great ways to make a living as a photographer - they're just not "Our Way".

We don't work for large advertising agencies, newspapers or magazine publishers.  We're not on anyone's payroll for that matter.  We don't shoot on assignment, and we only take shooting events and people of our choosing.  Are we snobs?  I don't think so.  Many people use the term "Freelancer" to describe this type of photographer.  One definition of this term (Wikipedia's) is "A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term."

You see, we believe, as do many other nature and landscape photographers, that it is our duty to find the beauty in nature and present it to you so that you may enjoy sights and invoke feelings that due to location, health, finances, or whatever reason, you are unable to see on your own.

Perhaps it is that castle in Scotland,

or that Great Heron sharing a log with a turtle in the wetlands,

or maybe it's that Renaissance Fair that you couldn't get to because you had to work or it was too far away.

Maybe it was that sunset on the beach that you never got to see in person.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was something else that you saw, but wanted to remember at a glance whenever you wanted to just "Get Away".

Is this "Freelancing"?  We don't think so.  You see, we dedicate our time with camera in hand to you.  You are our long-term commitment.  Through the hours we spend taking the trips and working to get the perfect images, we always do it to give you the image that you want.  The colors from Autumn in the Northeastern U.S., the Magenta and Orange sunsets, the wildlife, flora, and fauna.  The historic landmarks, and even the street festivals and themed fairs offer sights for a lifetime.

It is your support through purchasing our work that allows us to continue our employment.  We have worked very hard for over 50 years between us to bring our craft to the level you see today.  We present original photographs, artistic impressions, and even original artwork and designs to you through our website and it's links to our online stores so that you may find the wall hanging, throw pillow, dress, shirt, pants, clock, or watch that says "I'm the one that you want".

Shameless plug?  Maybe, but we do like to eat occasionally, and the mortgage still has payments due each and every month.  We're here for you, and are happy to provide images that you may not even see, if you let us know of something in particular that you like.  After all - we took over 11,000 photos in 18 days in November 2016 while traveling throughout the U.K. alone!  Imagine how many photos we have between us that we "Could" make available to you.

Stroll through our website, and leave us a message if there is something that you have in mind that you would like to have.  You might be surprised.  The sidebar on this page also includes a link to Julie's Pinterest Board where she has fashion and wearable art highlighted.  Thanks again for your continued support!  We love working for you!


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