Julie Everhart featured in Article for Gurushots

It's always a good day when you get notified that your work is appreciated.  As a photographer, outside of getting that order for mulitple large prints, that day usually occurs when we get an email informing us that we have either been chosen to have our work on display in an exhibition, or featured in an article.

When that happens on Christmas day, you can't help but feel a little better yet!  Julie Everhart was pleased to get that email about an article from Gurushots on Christmas Day!  No, not the big print order or the exhibition notification.  Click the following link or the photo to see the entire article.  It truly will inspire you!

Frozen in time

This infrared photo, taken near her home, has been one of her most favored photos.  When it is selected by one of the largest photo competition sites in the world as the #2 featured photo, that is something special.  Congratulations Julie!

Now, about those other letters.  We are awaiting the word any day about the next exhibition that will be coming up in Berlin in January.  Both Julie and Bob are expecting to participate, but are awaiting the announcement as to how their work will be shown.

As for the large print order, that is where you come in.  Please feel free to go to our Store or drop Julie or Bob an email and they will be more that happy to get your print(s) ready to ship or you!  And remember, we have a special extra 20% off sale going through December 31, 2016!  Use Code BLOWOUT2016 to get your special discount at checkout.

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