Epic Adventure v2.0?

Since our bags were already packed and sitting by the door, we couldn't let a little storm like Matthew prevent us from taking a trip over 6 months in the making, could we?
Of course not!  Through some very careful juggling of remaining vacation time at the phone factory, Bob was able to put together November 3-20th. While working to restore the phone, TV, and internet service to those affected by Matthew, Julie worked her magic and together they have in less than 3 weeks time made the necessary home repairs after the storm, put in almost 200 hours at AT&T, and managed to book a completely new itinerary.

Due to the proprietary nature of the trip (read as "Julie wants to surprise everyone") we are unable to disclose the details at this time.  Pay close attention to our Facebook pages though.  We are dropping a few subtle hints here and there, and will be posting photos and updates once we are under way.  I (Bob) will tell you that most every location we will be shooting will be places neither of us have been to before, and that we are still hoping to get many of those "Bucket List" shots and videos that are on most photographers' lists.

So make sure you let us know of anything that you think is worthy of attention once we have started.  We have planned a fairly loose itenerary due to the nature of our work - so special unknown to the general public sights and locations are always welcome suggestions.  We will be checking our messages, emails, and as possible our Facebook pages.  We are hoping to update the website as well once or twice, but can make no promises due to intermittent internet availability during our excursion.

By the way, what exactly is a skoda?


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